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  • [2018-4] Brown Macro Lunch
  • [2018-5] RSAI2018 Goa, India
  • [2018-6] WEAI Vancouver, British Columbia

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Colonialism in the Indian Ocean

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Pre-industrial Urban Dynamics

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GIS stuff

Sources and links for geospatial work

Here are some useful links and resources.
Currently I am working on a brief tutorial on the use of QGIS for questions relevant to Economics and Economic History.

Don’t let yourself fool by maps & their projection system about


Some random links and resources

Things that (supposedly) make me more productive
  • Sublime, a truly sublime texteditor
  • Within R: (recently all these packages were merged together with others by R-god Hadley Wickham into the tidyverse)
    • dplyr (the next (last?) iteration of ‘plyr’, the most powerful data wrangling package on earth; across all platforms)
    • tidyr (the evolution of ‘reshape2’, powerful in changing the layout of data - e.g. cross-section to panel and vice-versa)
    • magrittr (a pipe operator that makes code nicer)
  • Gummi, a slim TeX-editor with live update


Resources for courses that I TA’d

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